Writing Your Sales Letter

Writing a good sales letter should probably be regarded as an art form, or perhaps it should be part of the punishment for white-collar crimes.

Writing an effective sales letter is one of the most difficult challenges an Internet entrepreneur has, and digital informative product creators are no exception.

Make It A Good One

You’ll need to create a sales letter, so make it a good one.

Every day, thousands…possibly millions of sales letters are sent out in the physical world, and maybe twice as many in cyberspace.

Consider all of the items for sale in the world; you can assume that a sales letter is connected to the majority of them.

So, how in the name of God are you going to draught a sales letter that will stand out in such a crowded field?

Because a sales letter is only one page long, you only get one chance to make an impression. Make the most of it!

Here are a few suggestions that might be useful

  • 1. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Pretend for a moment that you’re a customer being asked to purchase the digital informational product that you’re actually trying to offer. Consider why you’d want to purchase this item. Consider what this product could accomplish for you in terms of improving your appearance, feeling better, making more money, having more fun, providing you with crucial information, or solving a critical problem. Simply consider what you’re selling from the buyer’s perspective.
  • 2. It is critical to pay attention to the headline. If you don’t get the reader’s attention in the first few words of your sales letter, you’re doomed. The headline must immediately capture and hold the reader’s attention. It must be brief, succinct, and to the point in order to entice readers to continue reading.
  • 3. Organize your words and thoughts. A sales letter is divided into three sections. There’s an introduction, a sales pitch, and a wrap-up. The purpose of the introduction is to inform the reader as to why you are contacting them. The body of the letter is the sales pitch. You explain the product to them and how it will improve their life in some way. The conclusion is employed to provide customers with irrefutable reasons to buy your product as well as the ways to accomplish it.
  • 4. You now have a basic sales letter, but you’re not quite finished. It should be fine-tuned. Now check to see whether you’ve done a good job on the following:

Conversational Tone.

Is your letter written in a more casual tone than a traditional business letter? People dislike being addressed informal manner. They prefer and respond better to a friendly, conversational tone.

Are your sentences in your letter concise? A reader will be confused by long, rambling sentences. The more conversational the tone of your sales letter is, the shorter the sentences will naturally become.


How many paragraphs does your letter have? A few short paragraphs are preferable to two or three big paragraphs.

Have you run the letter via spell check to ensure that it is grammatically correct in every way? Misspelled words and grammatical blunders make you sound….well, there’s no other word for it….DUMB!

You should be able to produce an efficient sales letter if you follow these recommendations.

You’ll be well on your way to selling your instructional product if you give your potential clients a decent sales pitch.

Don’t start a company without a back-end product!

Adopting a “grab the money and run” attitude is the shortest way out of the business of selling educational products on the Internet.

Purchase Informational Products

It’s not easy to persuade buyers to purchase informational products.

A customer is priceless and should be treated as such.

If you achieve three sales out of every hundred people who visit your website and contemplate purchasing your E-Book or other instructional product, you’ve done quite well.

Those are the hard facts of selling digital information products on the Internet….or any other kind of product.

It’s not easy to attract a first-time buyer. When you get one, you must keep him, keep him pleased, and keep him wanting to buy from you again and again.

Good Customer Service

You accomplish this by providing good customer service, maintaining in touch with your clients via newsletters and emails, and having fantastic back-end items to give them.

It’s important to remember that selling to a current customer is far easier than finding a new one.

With the delivery of the first sale to a customer, you should include an offer for a back-end product. Inform them right away that you have additional things to sell.

They will be far more likely to acquire the back-end products if they are satisfied with the first product.

The offer of back-end items should be incorporated in the original E-Book in digital products such as E-Books…the offers should be made a part of the E-Book itself.

It’s a terrific idea to include a “members only” forum or blog where consumers can debate the product. It also serves as a platform for promoting your back-end products.

Make your customers believe in you, your knowledge, and your products, and your company will only expand. Don’t take the money and run… it’s a losing tactic.

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