Worldprofit Celebrates 26 + years in business!

Worldprofit will soon be celebrating another year in business in an online world where businesses come and go. We spoke with George Kosch, Worldprofit’s CEO and Co-Founder, about the company’s long-term success formula.

George Kosch

“It’s as simple as that,” George explained. “We are committed to our members.” Every aspect of our daily operations is infused with our commitment to our Members – and to KEEPING our Members. and to HELPING OUR MEMBERS KEEP THEIR MEMBERSHIP..

Product development, customer service, research and innovation, training, marketing strategies, and our ever-changing Associate and Dealership programmes are all examples of this. That commitment guided us from the beginning of our company in 1994, and it continues to guide us today.

Worldprofit provides Affiliate Marketing training and services, but we are really a tech company, which means we are always on the cutting edge. Because I’m a software engineer, I built the infrastructure that underpins everything we offer, from hosting and security to mail services, training modules, specialised software, traffic resources, advertising, and the customer service interface we provide our Members, from the ground up.

Being One Of The First

Being one of the first companies in this industry has given us a strong foothold in the market, and we haven’t stopped growing since then. I provide the software and the training. Every day, I’m proud to say, I’m hands-on. Over the years, our Members have come to expect quality services, efficient products and 100% backing of everything we offer at Worldprofit. 

As their personal coach and instructor in the online bootcamp training sessions, our members are familiar with me. I believe that the Internet provides those who want to learn how to run a successful online business with a tremendous amount of power and opportunity.

The Key

The key is to learn how to do it correctly with the assistance of experts and the appropriate tools and resources. That’s what my co-founder Sandi Hunter and I have worked hard to achieve with the development of our training and marketing system over the last two decades.


When I was in the military, I was taught that the key to mastering a new skill is repetition, dedicated practise, and ongoing training. I had no idea what I was doing the first time I climbed into the cockpit of a jet; the dials and what was expected of me were overwhelming.

But I studied, practised, and rehearsed over and over. It took a long time and a great deal of perseverance. I eventually earned my pilot’s licence as a jet pilot after logging over 2400 hours in the air. I then went on to train as a jet instructor and began teaching other students to fly.

Affiliate Marketing Training Programme

Now that I’m no longer in the military, my students are aspiring entrepreneurs who are enrolled in my Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp training programme. My students are expected to devote time to learning, studying, and practising the business and marketing skills I teach.

Most people are unfamiliar with the process of starting a business, as well as the variety of new skills required to make that business successful. Many people give up far too soon.

Worldprofit free membership
Worldprofit free membership platform

Unfortunately, they’ve fallen for the hype that it’s simple to get rich online – do nothing and make millions quickly is the pitch they’ve bought into. That is something I will never say to my students. Hard work yields results, which means putting in the time and effort to learn new skills and then applying them consistently.

It’s not posh, sultry, or suitable for late-night infomercials. But it’s my tried-and-true formula that works, and I intend to stay here for many more years to help our Members build their own profitable online businesses.”

From jet pilot to CEO of Worldprofit Inc., George Kosch has done it all.

George Kosch is a graduate of Canada’s West Point, the prestigious Royal Military College. George rose to the rank of Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a jet instructor pilot specialising in training future Top Gun pilots.

In 1993, after carefully studying the Internet and its potential future impact, he took early retirement from the Canadian Military and in 1994, with his co-founder Sandi Hunter He founded, one of the first online businesses and one of the most successful dot-com companies to this day.

Live Training

George has invented and coded over 100 unique technical applications for business people, entrepreneurs, and organisations all over the world over the last 26 years.He also teaches Worldprofit’s popular Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Training series, based on his own experience building an Internet business.

Every week, George conducts LIVE training for Worldprofit members. These are interactive sessions in which he answers questions, performs demonstrations, and teaches Members what they need to know and do in order to earn consistent online income from a variety of trusted sources.

125+ online lessons

He’s also created the 125+ online lessons, many of which include videos, from which Members can learn about all aspects of online marketing and business growth. Traffic generation, lead tools, SEO tactics, eBook creation, article marketing, social media campaigns, target marketing, list building, and other topics are covered in training – skills and practises that can be used to grow any online business.

Facts about Worldprofit

Worldprofit is a Canadian-owned company that was founded in 1993 and formally incorporated in 1994.

George Kosch is the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Sandi Hunter is the co-founder and president of the company.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is home to Worldprofit’s corporate headquarters.

Training for home-based entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers is the main focus.

Worldprofit free membership platform

Website hosting, software development, training courses, ebooks, article marketing, SEO, marketing systems, graphics software, safelist hosting, CPanel hosting, advertising packages, and webcasting are among the services provided by Worldprofit.

Other: Worldprofit has been a member of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau for 15 years and has an A+ rating.

At Worldprofit, there are no upsells. The Silver Membership includes everything you’ll need to get started earning money online right away.

Doesn’t it irritate you when you purchase something and are bombarded with upsell after upsell?

That is not the case at Worldprofit.

From the moment you join Worldprofit, our Silver Membership includes everything you need to start and grow your own online business.

You get your own website with your own domain. Choose your own name or one of our already-registered names. The hosting is also included.


You will receive leads, traffic-generating software, sales aids, landing pages, SEO services, list builders, ebooks, website management tools, graphics software, training modules, and much more. Everything is simple to use, and we will guide and assist you at all times.

Worldprofit has been providing training and support to its members for over 20 years, so we’ve included everything you need in our Silver Membership to get leads, generate traffic, and teach you how to market online effectively without making the mistakes that most newbies make the hard way, at great expense.

We have specialised tools, resources, and software for experienced internet marketers who want to boost their current earnings. We show you how to grow ANY online business using the tools included in the Silver membership. Worldprofit’s online bootcamp training lessons have grown to over 125, all focused on teaching you how to make money online from reputable sources.

Worldprofit’s home business

Worldprofit’s home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training includes support seven days a week, 365 days a year.

When you buy something from Worldprofit, you can rest assured that we will stand behind it and support you and your application for as long as you are a member. We built the majority of the software we offer, so you’ll always be able to get expert assistance when you need it.

Royal Canadian Air Force

At Worldprofit, who provides the specialised training and coaching? George Kosch is a well-known author. He served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Captain and Jet Pilot Instructor. In 1993, George took early retirement to start his own business.

Worldprofit free membership
Worldprofit free membership platform

Today, George teaches people all over the world how to navigate the online world and grow their own successful online business, with over 2 million members. Every week, George’s popular home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp is offered.

The training is appropriate for both newcomers and seasoned internet marketers. Members can ask questions and request demonstrations during Worldprofit’s training, making it interactive and meaningful to each participant.

George Kosch’s approach is straightforward, honest, and down to earth. Members at Worldprofit have come to expect and enjoy help rather than hype.

My Honest Opinion

I’m a Platinum VIP member at Worldprofit and I encourage you to read my honest review on the Worldprofit platform, which I made in late 2020.

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