Worldprofit a home-based business for 2021

Worldprofit a home-based business online

Way back in 1994, Worldprofit began a home-based business online from Edmonton in Alberta Canada. Today Worldprofit is still going strong and is heading for an even brighter future as we move into 2021. It will be celebrating its 27th birthday this summer.   Worldprofit is older than Google folks!  That’s what I call an achievement on its own.

It boasts a secure hosting provider, which is noted to be one of the biggest in Western Canada and is also a recognized ISP.

From the year 2000, they have been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau Edmonton, retaining an A-plus rating.  They have many services and web-based products and upgraded members can earn from 20- 100 % commission from their Dealership program.

They are heading for 3 million associate members from across the globe and from all walks of life.  Some of these customers have been using software solutions, website hosting and their tools and resources

Unlimited Full-Time Support

They include unlimited full-time support, 24hrs a day, all year round.  If you require any help, there is a Live Business Center for non-tech support, or you have a sponsor assigned to you when you first become a free member.   Most sponsors will give some support.  However, the main support team is more than happy to assist you with any of your questions or issues.  All you have to do is submit a support ticket from the inside of the membership site, identifying your problem/issue question etc.

George Kosch CEO, Director of Technology and co-founder of Worldprofit!

Worldprofit free membership platform is good for affiliate marketers or bloggers to assist them to earn an income online.

George Kosch is the head of the technical and software services department and is also the CEO, Director of Technology and co-founder of Worldprofit!  For the last 26 years, he has been using his knowledge and experience to build this online business.  George’s training is straight to the point and with his Royal Canadian Air Force background where he was a jet instructor pilot, his online training is presented with military precision.

Weelky Bootcamps

Worldprofit free membership platform
Worldprofit free membership platform is good for affiliate marketers or bloggers to assist them to earn an income online.

Members are invited every Friday to attend George Kosch’s Live Bootcamp training, which proves to be very popular.  If you happen to miss these, don’t worry, as every Bootcamp is recorded and is available soon after the live Bootcamp has finished, so you are able to view the recording at your leisure.  These events are informal and interactive and are put on for you to get any questions answered.  George also gives demonstrations on how to run an online business and supports you to start and maintain a recurring online income.

Video Training Tutorials

There are well over 100 video training tutorials that members can review at any time they wish, which will enable them to grow their online business.  You are taught how to get multiple streams of income for any of your online crusades.  The subjects of the training are varied and include list building, traffic generation, target marketing, lead tools, social media marketing campaigns, e-book creation, SEO, article marketing, blogging and many more.

The first part of your training is to make your way to lesson three.  Once you make it there, you are encouraged to stop on this lesson for at least two weeks, until you fully understand what’s being taught. Once you understand, then it’s time to put everything you have learned into practice.  When you’re familiar with how to promote and you gain more experience, you are then able to move on and use the rest of the site to build your online business.

Sandi Hunter President of Worldprofit Inc and co-founder.

Worldprofit free membership platform
Worldprofit free membership platform is good for affiliate marketers or bloggers to assist them to earn an income online.

Moving onto Sandi Hunter, she is the President of Worldprofit Inc and also the co-founder.  When the internet was in its infancy, Sandi became President of this newly started company.  Her role covers many areas such as online marketing, customer services, creating quality products that are unique and also research and development.  Sandi works very hard to keep Worldprofit up to date and on top, in this robust and ever-changing digital world.

Silver and Platinum VIP upgrades

In the Silver and Platinum upgrades at Worldprofit you get another source of income.  This is by selling Clickbank products.  Members can easily promote over 10,000 of these digital products from their huge warehouse and receive 100 % commissions by using Worldprofits marketing system.  This allows members to earn even more income from those sales.


An Amazon store is also available and is very easy to set up, even for newbies.  This does not come at an extra cost, as it’s included in the upgrades and you also get a free installation, so you can be live online with your new Amazon store within a few minutes.  They have also released a new Fiverr store, which again is simple to install and get up and running.

Traffic Packages

The various traffic packages that are on offer to Worldprofit members are made possible because of their partner sites, targeted marketing affiliations, many vendor agreements and not forgetting the many years of hard work that created this massive online traffic machine.  Some of the traffic packages are passed onto the members and are included in their membership.  SEO traffic blaster packages are also available, along with rotators.

Worldprofit free membership platform
Worldprofit free membership platform is good for affiliate marketers or bloggers to assist them to earn an income online.

The online business center was introduced in 2004 and has been live online 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year ever since.  This has given them the distinction of having the longest ever continental webcast that has been online.

Feedback from members

From the feedback from members, it’s obvious that they appreciate the support that’s available 365 days of the year.  There is also the fact that all the tools and resources that are required to earn a recurring income online, are all under one roof at Worldprofit.  With that said, the members also do not have to go searching the internet for anything else to make their online business successful.  Worldprofit don’t hype anything up and never pressure sell anything.  Well they don’t have to, because the platform sells itself.

Other Platforms

Many other platforms offer the world and then collapse, not Worldprofit!  They have continued every year to focus on support and training as their priority, as this is what the members most value.  Members are encouraged to follow the training and put in some hard work and this often leads to outstanding results.  If you treat Worldprofit as a business and not a get-rich-quick scheme, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and earning a regular recurring income online.

My Honest Opinion

I’m a Platinum VIP member at Worldprofit and I encourage you to read my honest review on the Worldprofit platform, which I made in late 2020.

For people who are just starting out online, I also recommend Perpetual Income365 for a cheaper option.

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