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So I came across this guy on Facebook

If you want a complete multi-stream income system then The Genesis Lifestyle Network is for you.  So I came across this guy on Facebook while doing some promotions I run on a regular basis.  His name was Mike and he came across very well as we got chatting.  He slowly introduced me to Genesis Lifestyle Network and the rest is history.

You can start for FREE today!

There is no building of websites and no hosting home parties.  You don’t have to beg off friends and family. Carrying inventory is not required and definitely no cold calling.

I am super excited that you opted to learn more about the Genesis Lifestyle Network and how you can start earning an income online.  Many people are now searching more often for business online opportunities and legitimate methods of earning money online.  They are looking for solid business opportunities that will assist them in replacing their regular incomes from their day to day jobs.

I’m rating the Genesis Lifestyle Network highly because it is a complete package that gives you the opportunity to earn from many multiple income streams and allows you to generate leads for ANY of your online Businesses.

There are multiple methods to earn income online

There are multiple methods to earn income online with Genesis Lifestyle Network and with the outstanding training that’s included, gives you the best possible chance to start earning a residual income.  I call this your business in a box

With owner Jared Meyers holding the fort you will be in safe hands.  I can say this because I know him personally.  Inside of Genesis Lifestyle Network, you will be able to book a consultation, one on one with Jared Meyers, who is the owner of the platform.

So if you get stuck

So if you get stuck big time or lose your way, Jared has your back, I can guarantee you that.  You will be able to select a day and time to suit you both and then reserve your slot.  I would advise you to have all your questions written down ready, as time will be precious and this will ensure a smoother run meeting.  Ask your questions and you will get your answers, boom, straight to the point with no fluff.

The multi-streamed income system

The multi-streamed income system at Genesis lifestyle Network gives opportunities to anyone, from all walks of life to have the ability to create a method of gaining a regular income by working online.  You are able to do this by using just one link and take part in an e-learning business that is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

They provide all the tools, resources and training within digital marketing, which from day one will ensure you are in a position for the best possible success.

By following the simple blueprint

By following the simple blueprint, this platform gives you a great opportunity of living your life from your laptop.  When you sign up for the Genesis Lifestyle Network you will gain instant access to the done for you automated market system that does all the work for you.  All you have to do is promote promote promote. Simple?  You only have to look at the testimonials to realise you may be passing up on an excellent opportunity.

So if you’re ready to dive in and start being an action taker instead of sitting on the fence, you can make money or you can make an excuse, this choice is yours.  When you sign up it sets a timer off with a 48-hour bonus offer.  If you upgrade within 48 hours, you will be entitled to the bonus that reflects your upgrade package.

The paid membership levels range from $50 to $1200. 

Depending on what level you upgrade to, will depend on the amount of educational training that is available to you.  You get a more advanced training level the further you move up the upgrade ladder.  I would highly recommend going for the maximum you can afford when upgrading, even if you join at the lowest level, it’s better than nothing and you will still receive commissions.

Treat this like a business but don’t put anything you already own into jeopardy while investing in your future.  I call this my business in your box because that’s exactly what it is.  If you treat this seriously and follow all the training inside of this platform, you will be making your first steps to a new life and having more financial freedom for you and your family.

Just for referring others into the platform, they pay you 100% commissions at the front end.  You will be able to collect all your commissions, ranging from $50 to $1200 multiple times a day by integrating PayPal or Stripe.  On all the product packages inside the platform, you will have the ability to earn commissions, depending on your status in the program.

Your ability to promote

Your ability to promote four of your top affiliate programs or platforms including ClickBank products is an added bonus.  Also, using video marketing gives you the opportunity to brand yourself as an authority.  They also give you access to an in-house capture page.

Done For You

They supply done for you funnels with done for you swipes for your email follow-up series.  Another benefit is the capture pages that are done for you. you can integrate with Sendshark and Aweber autoresponders.

An optional service that is provided is the sales closing team and a done for you completed setup service is also available.  They have their own online marketplace, where you can buy the very top opportunities and/or training in the online business today.

VIP Access

By recommending the marketing tool suite by referring other people will help you build a residual income online in the shortest time possible if you put the work in.  You can gain VIP access to the live on-call training sessions where some of the top earners of the digital marketing industry hang out.  So you’re able to pick up any information, tips or tricks from them to help you on your online journey.

Facebook Group

In the Facebook group, you have the opportunity to exchange strategies that are up to date and are known to be working today.  If you are interested in having a sneak peek,  grab yourself a free account for the free membership and then follow the easy steps to make contact with me.  All my contact details will be under ‘Meet Your Sponsor’.

So if you take action now, I’ll be watching out for you.

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