The BIG Earners vs Your Marketing Strategy

The BIG Earners vs. Your Marketing Strategy What they DO that you DON’T know about

Don’t get it? It’s not because of you. THE AFFILIATE MARKETING INDUSTRY’S FAILURE

Right now, affiliate marketing is exploding.

It’s not a new industry; it’s just become extremely popular as the need for work-at-home jobs grows, as does the necessity for additional cash during the pandemic.

People all throughout the world have been using affiliate marketing for years. 

The issue isn’t that the affiliate marketing model doesn’t work; it certainly does!

All kinds of big firms have affiliate programs where you get paid if you refer a sale to them from your website, blog, or social media.


It’s an easy concept to grasp. Sign up for a free account on the company’s website, then post or share your affiliate links to earn money for referring customers. Many companies don’t provide much assistance to their affiliates in terms of gaining sales other than a link for promotion.

The issue stems from some vendors’ claims that you may make thousands, if not millions, of dollars in a matter of weeks.

It’s Pure And Utter Nonsense.

Newcomers to internet marketing have been duped into spending money on the ONE secret, software, gadget, or gizmo that will make them rich.

The truth quickly hits in that making even a TINY amount of money requires a lot of promotion and sales recommendations.

Gullible Buyers

People will make sporadic posts before becoming frustrated because they are not making any money.

So the eager but gullible buyer buys yet another product, source, ebook, or video series in the hopes that it will be of assistance.

Then they go to a flashy webinar where the “6 Figure Experts” convince them that they need their own PRODUCT to make the big bucks, then it’s on to buying this and that to research and build your product and get it into one of the numerous Digital Marketplaces.

Most people lack the time or financial resources to bring their products to market. Those who have undertaken this voyage have frequently found themselves in debt, with little to show for it.

Flashy Vendors

It’s not your fault if you’ve tripped and lost your way in this business if you’re not getting it.

You’ve been told by flashy vendors that it’s so simple; you don’t have to do any effort, and someone else will take care of your sales while you relax on a beach.

You’ll be delighted to find there’s a better, smarter method to profit from affiliate marketing now that you’ve made your way here, perhaps a little burned, but definitely a lot smarter.


Affiliate marketing is a skill that everyone can learn.

Affiliate marketing, in its most basic form, entails promoting special links for a company and earning a sales commission when someone uses your link to make a purchase.


Affiliate marketing pays some people nothing, some people a little money, and a few individuals a lot of money.

The amount of money you make in the sector is determined by whether you approach it the incorrect way or the right way.

Better Method

There is a better method to do it, one that can help your company expand faster and more profitably over time.

The more ways you can market the sales links, the more exposure you’ll get, and the more sales and commissions you’ll earn.

GURUs, or large earners in affiliate marketing, know-how and where to promote, and most crucially, how to obtain the best results.

This narrative is about what THEY DO and what you DON’T do, and how it’s costing you sales and growth.

Ask yourself if you’re doing any or all of these things like the BIG EARNERS.

If not, use this as a guide to help you get back on track.

Begin with your own website, professionally hosted with a suitable domain name, as the foundation for your online business.

Gather your web properties’ marketing materials, landing pages, ad swipes, banners, and links.


Every day/week, add to your promotion to reach new markets. Find different lakes instead of fishing in the same pond every day.

Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for list growth, lead generation, and sales.

Begin by establishing your own list, then “steal” other people’s lists by running solo ads or purchasing featured advertising.

It’s a good idea to have multiple blogs, each focused on a different specialty, as well as an auto posting system like Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger System.


Videos and a YouTube Channel Create a niche for yourself, develop a brand, and become an “expert” on something. You don’t have to be flawless to be intriguing; just be honest.

Social Media

Social media is a term that refers to the use of When you can, use automation to post to many platforms at once for a wider reach.


SEO. Integrate data from Google Analytics, but don’t become obsessed with it; SEO regulations are constantly changing; instead, concentrate on producing high-quality content.


To save time, buy ebooks, write your own, or hire a rebranding service.

Make yours stand out. Offers are the key to lead generation, list growth, and sales.


Determine your brand’s identity, then focus on gaining awareness and establishing a following. Determine who you are, what you provide, and why people should buy from you, then follow through on your promises.


Do reviews, either written or video, and incorporate keywords and high-quality content in both cases. Get a HOSTED blog to promote yourself rather than someone else.

Keep your consumers satisfied and you’ll have a lifetime of business opportunities.

In the case of crucial services Avoid free services – what happens to them? Free services frequently vanish, as do your efforts, information, and links. Don’t put your company at risk.


By associating yourself with the appropriate people, you can avoid frustration and costly mistakes. Use a dependable source for organizing, maintaining, and growing your firm, such as OLSP’s services, which include a proven, time-tested marketing approach that includes training.

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