Steps To Publishing Success

Even if your best friend runs a major publishing house and can give you an immediate “in,” that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in the industry.


To begin, you must write a high-quality book with a well-defined target audience. Furthermore, your book must address a common problem or need that your target audience shares. After that, you must create a marketing strategy and stick to it for at least two years.

Let’s start with the steps you should take before writing your first word. Start by reading a great deal. Read both novels that you adore and books that you can’t seem to get past page five of. Then determine what the author did in the book you enjoyed and what went wrong in the book you couldn’t complete. Make a list of these points so you don’t forget them. Read other people’s novels for ideas and to learn what you should stay away from as a writer.

The Next Stage

The next stage is to establish a book plan. Narrow down your topic and break it down into chapters. Each chapter should focus on a different component of the problem your book will answer. Break down each chapter’s specialized component into many parts. This will allow your readers to take in your knowledge in small chunks rather than being bombarded with it all at once, making them feel as if they’re ready to go blind. It’s not exactly the same as spoon-feeding your reader’s information, but it’s close.

Two Steps

The following two steps are self-evident. Write your book first, then go back and revise it. Then tweak it once more. And maybe again. Of course, writing is difficult, and creating a book can appear to be an impossibility. Many publications exist that provide instructions to help you become familiar with – and even appreciate – the writing and revising process. Several books on writing can be found. Even better, discover a few books on how to write the type of book you want to write. These can be used as a guide to help you along your writing path.

Show your Ebook to someone else whose opinion you respect after you’ve written it and revised it at least twice.

If you know an excellent editor, try if you can offer him or her something in exchange for reviewing your book. Join a writing group and have your work critiqued by the other members.

Then, using all of these suggestions from others, modify your manuscript one last time. Then come to a halt! Put the pen down! Take your hands away from the keyboard!

Knowing when to stop writing and fiddling with a book is one of the most critical phases in actually producing one.


You’ve completed your e-book! Open the bottle of bubbly! Treat yourself to a night on the town!

So, now that you’ve had your fill of this important celebration, what do you do next?

How to Make Money from Your Ebook

Ebooks are a ground-breaking way to publish your book without having to pay for print production. You can turn your work into a book with just a relevant and targeted subject and some inexpensive tools.

The issue, in terms of making any money from your Ebook, is that the market is saturated with them, and many of them aren’t worth the time it takes to download. Just because it’s possible to create an Ebook quickly doesn’t mean it’s good writing.

Make sure your book isn’t just a rehash of previous stuff. By claiming to provide vital new insights and then disappointing your audience with stuff they’ve already read a million times, you’ll jeopardize your author’s credibility. So give yourself enough time to write and revise your book to ensure that it is of the best quality and has the most up-to-date information. A good book will eventually sell itself; misleading statements about your work will make selling any subsequent books you create incredibly difficult.

How Much

How do you know how much to charge for a quality product that answers a query or fills a need for your target audience with NEW information? Rule #1: Set a price for your book that is proportionate to its worth. A low-cost book will just convey the impression that your book isn’t very valuable.

Estimate how much time you spent generating it and how challenging it was to turn the essential material into intelligible and interesting prose to determine a fair fee. Determine the value of your time and work, and then set a price for it. The ultimate goal is for you to be fairly compensated for your skills, time, and effort.


It’s time to put your book up for sale on your website once you’ve determined a price that’s high enough to indicate the book’s value but not so high that it’s out of reach of your target audience’s average budget. You’ll need to create a promotional campaign to draw sales, especially if you’re an unknown author.

There are a plethora of self-promotion books available to assist you in your efforts. Select a strategy that is both innovative and professional. Learn how to draft a compelling yet informative press release, and submit copies of your Ebook to Ebook review sites.


Learn to write persuasive sales copy or hire someone to do so for you. This is a must. To sell your book, you’ll need an outstanding sales copy.

Make sure your content includes all of the reasons why your target audience needs your book, as well as the advantages they will gain from purchasing it.

Make use of graphics in your marketing materials. Beautiful graphics have the ability to convey the quality and value of your Ebook in a moment. Graphics can also indicate the volume of useful information contained in the book, as well as your meticulous attention to detail. Professional visuals help professional authors sell professional books. They give the customer confidence that the product is exactly what it purports to be.


Consider including chapter excerpts in your articles. You can make these tidbits available for free on your website as a sort of book demo. At the end of the excerpted pieces, provide an order form for your Ebook.

Finally, while creating your download URL, keep things as simple as possible. It’s a good idea to provide a few bonuses to entice people to buy your book, but make sure the bonuses are valuable and of great quality. The impression your audience has of your Ebook will be harmed if you include too many goodies that are essentially useless.

The Goal

The goal is to persuade your audience that they are receiving a fair deal on a decent product. This entails exercising discipline, particularly when it comes to additional stuff. You lose credibility if you give away too much free stuff.

Make certain your book is of high quality. Make sure it’s up to date and relevant. Create a marketing strategy that incorporates strong sales copy and excerpted articles. Then put your book up for sale and wait for people to find you!

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