So You Want To Work As An Affiliate Marketer

So you want to work as an affiliate marketer. 

Find out if you’ve got what it takes by reading on!

Do you possess the qualities required to be a successful online marketer?

Read this and determine for yourself whether you have what it takes.

Consider yourself to be a dog chewing on a bone if you want to be a successful online marketer.  That means gnawing away hungrily to post and promote every day – or as frequently as you can.  You can’t expect to make sales unless you constantly gnaw on the bone, known as promotion.

In George Kosch’s online and LIVE weekly bootcamp training sessions, we teach you everything you need to know about promotion.

Promotion, and the need for constant promotion, is something that many new marketers struggle with.

Many people underestimate the amount of promotion required to see results and give up far too soon.

Develop thick skin.

When you contact people (people who have ASKED for the information), you will hear phrases like “GET ME OFF THIS LIST,” “I never asked for this information,” or “how did You have my email address and phone number.”  Learn how to convert the negative energy of rejection into the positive energy of progress right now.  Proceed to the next individual, lead, or prospect. 

The Internet is a vast place; if this person isn’t interested in your offer, the next person will be.  The more you post, promote, and connect with people, the more sales you will make. Be nice to people and build relationships with them, and you will gain long-term customers.  If you can’t or don’t want to do that, you’ll never be a successful marketer.

You must have immediate access to high-value products and services, as well as new services that people require and desire – RIGHT NOW!  You can’t afford to waste time looking for what to sell or what’s hot; you need to be able to call up your product list and press SEND on the promotion materials.  Not sure how to go about it?  That is what we provide to our Worldprofit Members: immediate access to in-demand products/services as well as marketing materials to promote them.

Everything you require is available in your Member area.

List Building

Understand why and how building a list is so important to your business’s growth and how it helps you achieve your long-term sales goals.  Your products and services may change, as may your offers, but your list is a targeted buyer list that must be grown and cared for with the utmost care.  In the bootcamp training, George Kosch discusses this.  You may have discovered Worldprofit by being on one of our marketing lists. Now we teach you how to build YOUR list so that you are a seller rather than a responder who ends up on someone else’s list!

Free Offers

You must have access to a goody bag of offers – really good ones.  Really cool things you can add to your offer QUICKLY that have real value to entice people to act today, not next week.  Worldprofit Members, you can find this in your Offer Builder, Goody Bag, and elsewhere in your Worldprofit Member area.  Offers are what pique people’s interest and help close sales.  Everyone likes a good deal, and offers are the icing on the cake!  Your Worldprofit Membership INCLUDES an OFFER BUILDER as well as items you can INCLUDE in your offers to close sales.

Maintain a never-say-die attitude.

  If you’re the type of person who works hard for a few days and then loses interest, online marketing isn’t for you.  You must be prepared to promote as frequently as you eat.  When you are hungry, you seek food; similarly, if you want to make money online, you must promote.  Ask yourself if you’re truly committed.  If you are, that means putting in the time and effort to learn and DO the tasks at hand, failing and making mistakes along the way, and then continuing on your path.

Remove the negative people and negativity from your life. 

You know who I’m talking about: the people who tell you it’ll never work.  They think you’re insane for spending so much time online.  The people who tell you all the reasons why you can’t do it while you’re actually doing it.  But don’t be arrogant; when you start seeing results, simply smile and pat yourself on the back.  You are a one-of-a-kind individual, a rare breed. You think, you do, you tune out the negative and simply focus on what you need to do to achieve your objectives.

Be honest with yourself.  Don’t start promoting online expecting to become wealthy overnight, or even in a few weeks or months.  Put on a “HYPE FILTER” to filter out all of the nonsense, promises, and phoney pitches you hear and see.  Only believe that hard work and consistent effort will yield results.  Believe in yourself to create your own success, rather than the pitches that making money online is simple or instant.

Set Realistic Earnings Goals

Set realistic earnings goals and be prepared to grow your business over time.  Grow your profits by nurturing your business and creating online resources, lead lists, and customer lists.  Your company is a tender green shoot; if you care for it on a daily basis, it will grow into an oak tree someday.  If you forget to water, overwater, or walk away for an extended period of time, you will be left with a dead twig.

Seek assistance

  You will not, and should not, do this alone.  Find online marketers, online communities, Facebook groups, mentors, and like-minded individuals who think similarly to you.  Connect, share, support, give, and receive.  The home business community at Worldprofit consists of real people, from every corner of the world and experiences who share your goal of improving their financial situation for themselves, and their families, by learning how to earn money from home using the resources of the internet.


 Every day, our Support team is here to HELP YOU.  Our online training lessons get you started on the right track by teaching you the fundamentals you need to know to grow your online business.  Your Worldprofit Membership includes the TOOLS you need to generate traffic, build your marketing list, increase leads, and increase sales.

Be willing to learn and commit to putting what you learn into practise.  Being a successful online marketer is similar to being a lawyer, plumber, carpenter, pilot, or truck driver, in the sense that you must learn and MASTER specific skills. 

Apply those skills on a consistent basis, evaluate your progress, try harder, and work harder to achieve the desired results.  Don’t think for a second that this is going to be easy, or that you’ll “get it” right away.  Find something else to do if you don’t want to learn, don’t want to put in the time, and don’t have patience.  Internet marketing is not for you.

Don’t Miss This Golden Opportunty

Take advantage of having a system that includes easy access to hot products, ads, services you can sell, reputable places to promote, coaching and training, and ongoing support.  You can build your business with a single hammer, or you can put together a well-organized team of people, equipment, and support services to do the same thing faster and more efficiently.  Worldprofit provides our Members with a system for growing their online businesses. 

The online location where you can earn a consistent income.  Worldprofit is your one-stop shop for all of your system’s components, including the website, traffic, software, lead sources, advertising resources, training, support, and mentorship from a variety of reputable sources. 

Tool Kit

We don’t just give you a hammer to build your business; we give you a complete tool kit, a blueprint, and the support and assistance you need to build, and then continue to expand it for many years to come.

Determine how much time you are willing to devote to developing your online marketing business.  If your answer is an hour per day, that’s fine; set a goal and stick to it.  Put on your apron and get to work.  Make sure to adjust your sales goals based on how much time you spend working on your business. 

The more time and effort you put into learning and growing your company, the better your results will be.  As my grandfather used to say, if you only give it half-added effort, don’t complain when you only get half-added results.

Accept responsibility for your own success (or lack of).  There will be no one product or guru who will be your secret success solution, the one answer to your financial dreams.  YOU are the only one who can make it happen and DO what needs to be done to get there.

Keep an open mind.  Online marketing is not taught in schools, and you are an entrepreneur, which requires a special kind of tenacity and grit.  They don’t give up because they don’t know everything; instead, they seek solutions, make mistakes, and then get back up and try again.  Be a DOer, not an analyst, deep thinker, or planner, but someone who rolls up their sleeves, digs in, gets dirty, and demands results.

Coach And Marketer

I’ve been a business owner, coach, and marketer in the online home business industry for over 7years.  I’ve seen everything.  People come in, excited, eager, and determined.  Some last a few days, while others last several months.  Then there’s a very small percentage of people who are truly determined, people I’ve worked with for years.  The one thing that all winners and non-quitters have in common is – are you ready for this?

Worldprofit free membership


These people were not at the top or bottom of their class; they are average people who have the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, a difficult life, and a path full of bumps and obstacles.  Who among us does not have “stuff” in our lives, problems, and distractions that prevent us from reaching our goals?  The difference is how you recover and move on.


: the ability to regain strength, health, or success following a setback

: the ability to quickly recover from or adjust to misfortune or change


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