So Why Sell Ebooks?

It’s not true that everything said has already been written down. The entire universe has changed since that awful dictum was coined. Technology has advanced, ideas have evolved, and entire nations’ mindsets have shifted.

The Truth

The truth is that now is the ideal time to publish an Ebook. People who can tap into today’s world – imaginative thinkers who can leap into the new millennium and figure out new ways to address old problems – are what the publishing industry needs.

Ebooks are a new and strong tool for unique thinkers with fresh ideas to convey information to the millions of people who are unsure how to conduct a variety of tasks.

Let’s pretend you already have a wonderful idea and the information to back it up, and you’re ready to produce an outstanding Ebook.

“Why?” you might be thinking as you sit at your computer, staring at a blank screen. Why should I go to all the bother of authoring an Ebook when getting anything published these days is so difficult?”


Let me assure you that publishing an Ebook is not the same as publishing a printed book. Let’s take a look at how the print and digital publishing industries vary, as well as the many reasons why you should jump in and start pounding away on those keyboards!

It’s like wearing a hair shirt all the time when you’re submitting a print book to traditional publishing houses or agents. Your submitted manuscript keeps returning back to you like a boomerang instead of a treasure mine of knowledge, no matter how brilliant your work is or how many review services and mentor writers have assured you that “you’ve got what it takes.”

Perhaps you’ve looked into self-publishing out of desperation and seen how costly it can be. Most “vanity presses” demand minimum print runs of 500 copies or more, and even that will set you back hundreds of dollars.

The minimum run for certain presses is 1,000 to 2,000 copies. That’s only the printing and binding costs. When you factor in distribution, shipping, and advertising expenditures, well, you get the picture. Even if you chose to take this path, you might not have the financial means to do so.

Successful Internet Business

Assume you already have a successful Internet business with a high-quality website and product. An Ebook is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand while also educate people about a certain product or service that you already know about as a business owner.

Let’s imagine you’ve been cultivating and training bonsai trees for the past twenty-five years and are now ready to offer your knowledge and experience. An e-book is an excellent approach to reach the widest possible audience of bonsai fans.

Ebooks will not only help you promote your business, but they will also help you position yourself and your firm as an expert in your sector. You might even discover that you have enough to say to merit a book series. Specific businesses are complex, and they frequently require the division of distinct components in order for the reader to receive the complete tale.


Perhaps your objectives in the Ebook world are more precise. You might wish to turn your passion for creating and publishing Ebooks into a full-fledged business. In essence, you wish to build an online business. You’re considering creating a website to advertise and sell your e-books. Perhaps you’re considering publishing an E-zine.

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People read Ebooks for a variety of reasons, one of which is to learn how to transform their Internet enterprises into money-making machines. And these people are looking to Ebook authors for new ideas and techniques because Ebook authors are typically people who are familiar with the new cyberspace environment we now live in.

Ebook Authors

Ebook authors are masters in Internet marketing campaigns and Ebook promotion and distribution tactics. The internet community needs the success of its Ebooks in order for new Ebooks to be written.

You could wish to set up affiliate schemes to promote your Ebook as well. Affiliates might be individuals or businesses from all around the world who will work together to sell your Ebooks. Consider the following scenario. Do you see a winning recipe here?

Determine what your topic will be, and then narrow it down. Your goal is to be as specific as possible. Look into what’s already out there and see if there’s a gap that your Ebook could cover.

What about writing an e-book about the wedding cake industry? Or how about an e-book about caring for senior pets? What about the finer features of antique pottery collecting?

To write about your subject, you don’t need three master’s degrees. People require counsel that is simple to read and comprehend. Parents require assistance in dealing with their adolescent children. College students must immediately acquire effective study habits. The options are limitless.

After You’ve Finished Writing Your Ebook…

Once you’ve finished creating your Ebook, just as with print books, you’ll want to work on getting it out there. People will be hesitant to purchase a book from an unknown author. Wouldn’t you agree?

The solution is straightforward: give it away! Profits will come from promoting your own company and putting your name out there.

You’ll come across affiliates who will beg you to include their links in your Ebook, and these affiliates will then spread the word about you. Almost every well-known Ebook author began their career in this manner.

This isn’t to say you should give up now. You’ll eventually move into the area where the majority of the wealth mountains are – selling them, and possibly their Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and Private Label licenses as well!

Making your Ebook interactive is another effective way to draw readers in. Rather than merely providing pages with static content, create something for people to do within the book. Allow your readers to complete questionnaires, forms, and even crossword puzzles that will test their knowledge on a specific topic.


Encourage your readers to click on a link that will allow them to share your book with their friends and colleagues. Alternatively, incorporate an actual order form so that they can anxiously purchase your stuff at the end of their reading adventure.

People who interact with literature become immersed in the world of the book. The same is true for printed books as it is for Ebooks.

This is why Ebooks are so important. They can not only serve as a forum for individuals to learn and make sense of their own thoughts but they can also be used to market your company.

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