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So you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while but haven’t yet purchased your own domain name.

Here’s the problem: it’s an EXPENSIVE problem that’s sabotaging your company’s growth.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote the services of various companies in order to earn a commission on sales.

First and foremost, let me state that there is nothing wrong with that.

Right now, affiliate marketing is in a frenzy.

As the flu pandemic has forced more people to stay at home, they are spending their time online looking for ways to earn extra money.

So, if you want to make some extra money, join one or more Affiliate programmes and begin promoting.

If you’re happy with that, it’s a simple, uncomplicated approach to having fun and making a little money.

But if you want to take things a step further and turn that extra income from affiliate marketing into some serious cash, here’s something to consider and some strategies to help you get there.

If you don’t already have a domain name, get one and reserve it in your name.

This means getting a domain name that YOU have registered in YOUR NAME and PAY FOR EVERY YEAR.

It could be a company name, your name, or a niche-specific string of words. Keep your domain name simple, memorable, and easy to spell; shorter is better, but not abbreviated.

Depending on where you register it, the cost is around $20 per year. It’s cheap, but it’s one of the most important aspects of your company.

The extension of your domain name,,.biz,.info, or any of the others, is unimportant; just remember was the original extension and is preferred by most because it is the most memorable.

New marketers and business owners frequently underestimate the value, power, professionalism, and permanence of a domain name.

Your domain name is a piece of property that you own.

If you’ve reserved your own domain name and own it, it’s PORTABLE, so you can host your site (and your domain name) wherever you want.

When you reserve a domain name, you acquire legal ownership of that name.

What is the significance of having your own domain name?

It’s so that every time you PROMOTE a link, a product, or a service, you’re ACTIVELY promoting YOUR brand, YOUR URL, and your business.

Consider how this simple practise will benefit YOU as your business grows on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

You can integrate ALL of your social media, blogs, and advertising for your specific niche, URL, or online property.

Every time you post, you leave a footprint promoting your brand rather than promoting someone else when you use their service for posting, blogging, or promotion.


Backlinks are one of the elements used by Google and others for SEO ranking; they consider backlinks as a measure of the site’s importance to users.

The longer you have your own domain name and have been promoting it, the more likely you will have back links, multiple pages of unique content including key words and video, which Google and Bing adore! SEO is a massive topic that deserves its own article; for now, suffice it to say that the OLDER the domain name and the more unique content on the site, the more relevant your site is in terms of search engine indexing, the better.

Your domain name may cost you $20 today, but its worth to you can increase significantly over time.

I know someone who did not renew his ten-year-old domain name, allowing it to lapse, and it was eventually purchased and resold for more than $50,000.

That amount could have been much higher and in his pocket if he had renewed the domain name and kept it or sold it himself.

Each year, he pays $15 to reserve the name.

Let me illustrate why you need your own domain name

Affiliate marketers frequently participate in multiple affiliate programmes. Each one provides you with a unique URL to refer sales to; it’s the company’s URL with your ID attached.

That is required, and it is also how they track your sales referrals. However, YOU CAN POST THAT LINK ON YOUR WEBSITE OR CREATE NEW LANDING PAGES WITH A URL FROM YOUR DOMAINE NAME.

Worldprofit free membership
Worldprofit free membership platform

Every time you post, you are instantly promoting yourself, your company, your URL, and your brand. Ad tracking on your own domain name(s) is easier for mapping out the blueprint for your ad campaigns across platforms.

The reality of affiliate marketing is that companies occasionally suspend operations for a variety of reasons, which means there are a lot of dead links out there.

When you use your own domain name and integrate links to your site, you simply remove the dead links without losing your SEO, backlinks, or online presence. You can grab some free organic traffic here.

Now consider Your Autoresponder

If you use one of the big names for your autoresponder, every time you post, you are promoting THEIR URL/service in addition to your own. When you have your own domain name, you can source your autoresponder messages, referral URLs, landing pages, and so on from YOUR URL rather than the companies’.

Consider what happens when your company grows and your autoresponder service starts charging you more and more each time you send an email to your list.

They’ve got you now! If you stop using their service, you risk losing your list, and your costs will skyrocket as your company grows. Over time, not having your own domain name confines you, limits your growth, and increases your costs. It’s a rookie error made by those who don’t think big or long term.

Let us now discuss free blogs

I used to have a blog on a free service. I logged in after many years of building my blog to a large following with thousands of pages of quality unique content and was greeted with a Service Termination Notice. The free blog service changed their policy, objected to something on my blog, and removed it. I lost years of work and faithful followers in an instant. The owners had the right, as a free service, to remove my content without notice or explanation. Chuck, you’re out of luck.

I’ve learned my lesson. I reserved my own URL and began hosting my own blog, so I am the owner and have complete control.

Since then, I’ve heard from many people who have had the same bad experience with free services, not just blogs, but also file storage sites, autoresponder services, and other services that simply decide to turn you (and your entire business) OFF one day with the click of a mouse.

Solution: reserve a domain name, create a WordPress blog, and own and control it. Use it to expand your online portfolio and footprint without fear of losing everything due to a policy change.

Consider yourself an affiliate marketing tycoon

Real estate tycoons accumulate properties, increasing their net worth with new acquisitions and real estate growth.

You can be an Affiliate for MULTIPLE programs/companies, promote multiple products/services, and increase your sales commission potential as an Affiliate marketing tycoon.

The more programmes you promote, the better, but only if you have a system in place for effectively managing your online empire – AND – you have your own Domain name(s) in stock to facilitate your growth now and in the future. Consider the big picture.

Look to, a trusted leader for over 26 years, for a complete proven system for managing your online affiliate marketing programmes.

Worldprofit free membership platform
Worldprofit free membership platform

Worldprofit has every tool, resource, and software you need to start and grow your online affiliate marketing portfolio.

Begin with your own domain name as your foundation; we can book it for you if necessary, or bring us the one you currently have, and we will assist you in transforming your online portfolio into a sales conversion machine.

Domain names, hosting, software, autoresponders, advertising, traffic, listservers, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, graphic software, Ebooks, SEO, training, and sales conversion are all examples of services.

My Honest Opinion

I’m a Platinum VIP member at Worldprofit and I encourage you to read my honest review on the Worldprofit platform, which I made in late 2020.

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For people who are just starting out online, I also recommend Perpetual Income365 for a cheaper option.

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