Recurring Online Income Ideas

Recurring Online Income Ideas.

Would you like your bank account to make money online while you are sleeping? To arise in the morning having cash inputted into your bank account would be amazing right?

This doesn’t have to be a dream, my friends. Passive income is a possibility, even more so in 2021.

I will now share with you some information on how to start earning online without putting your bank balance too much at risk. Recurring passive income has dramatically changed my life and has contributed to securing my financial future.

If you’re ready to secure your financial future then I will share some recurring income ideas which have assisted me to earn a regular income online.

Here are just a few ideas

Here are just a few ideas if you are thinking about earning a recurring income online and joining the army of affiliate marketers.

So how does this all work I hear you ask? Well, you will get paid commissions from the products you are promoting and selling.  This happens when someone buys these products through the links you put on the internet.  You basically are an online salesman who works for himself representing other companies

You don’t just have to promote just one product, that’s the best thing about having your business online, as you can promote anything you like and gain commissions from them all.

This is how it works

You will get your own unique affiliate link which will be recognised by the vendor, so that they can track when you have made a sale.  So when one of your links is clicked, a cookie, which is like a file, gets captured on their device.  This does a couple of things.  The vendor is able to track the sale back to your affiliate link, so the commissions go to the correct affiliate.  This has an expiry date attracted to it which varies from vendor to vendor.  So even if the customer purchases at a later date, you will still get credited for the sale.

Just for example.  Say a person was reading a post that you had put on the internet and you had put your affiliate link in your post/ad.  As soon as they click on your link, it will take them to the product you are promoting.  So if the customer did not purchase straight away, no worries because your link may be cookied for 30 days, so if the customer returns later and purchases, you still get the commission.

There is no limit on how much you can earn online as an affiliate marketer.  This will all be about what niche you are promoting and how many hours of work you put in.  Five to seven figures a month is achievable by successful marketers.  However, just bear in mind these marketers have already built their brand online over the years, which will have taken many months/years to reach the level they are at now.

So don’t expect to make megabucks right from the off, this just simply does not happen.  You may get some blank cheques for a while and it’s best not to let this discourage you.  If you stick with it, the commissions will soon follow.

With hard work and determination

With hard work and determination, you too could be earning a regular income online from affiliate marketing and reach levels you would not have imagined when you first started out on your online journey.

I would suggest starting out by choosing which two platforms you are going to use for your promotions.  This could be Facebook or maybe Youtube or my favorite Blogging.  Anything really as long as it has a massive following.  There are plenty of opportunities online these days to start off with a blog.  This is quite inexpensive,  just a few bucks a month.

You can access the Worldprofit platform for free here if you would like a sneak peek.

With a blog, you will need to optimise it so that the search engines have a greater chance of ranking it.  So once you have content on your blog, you will then be able to put your affiliate links on your posts.

You could do the same with YouTube videos

You could do the same with YouTube videos and place your links in the description under your videos.  These are also good as they are set and forget.  If you get your SEO correct this could be a big moneymaker if you produce videos on a regular basis.

For either of the above, you need to narrow down your niche keywords so you stand a better chance of ranking in the search engines.  Try and be target specific say from making money online, is a vast niche online in 2021.

So completion is very competitive.  Give yourself the best chance by going for longer keywords, for example, how to make money online with classified ads.  The tighter your topics, the more you will get a focused audience.  That’s exactly what I did at the beginning and I started ranking for keywords to get regular organic visitors to my website.

There are several types of affiliate programs out there to select from

High volume high paying affiliate programs.

Low paying high volume affiliate programs.

High-paying low volume affiliate programs.

Which one should you choose? This all revolves around your level of expertise and the niche you have chosen to promote.

To make your affiliate site successful, high quality content is required and your affiliate link should not stand out in your content, so make sure it fits in naturally and reads good English like I am doing here.

Once you have some creditable content on your site, you will then need people to come and read or watch it, so you have a better chance of getting more clicks on your links.  You can rely on posting regularly and creating good quality content, the search engines will keep supplying you with regular traffic to your website.  We call this search engine optimisation.

Paying for your traffic

You could pay for your traffic, this will give you Instant traffic and views on your website, however, this can be expensive, especially if you are just starting out.

Another way is for you to capture the visitor’s email by offering them something of value when they land on your website.  This will build your list and enable you to market to them by email, even if they never revisit your site again.  The money is in your list folks.  This then leads to email marketing, which I will talk about in another blog post.

In conclusion

Please don’t expect results immediately.  This will take time, but you will learn shortcuts on your way.  Eventually, if done correctly, you will be on your way to earning a consistent income online.  As your website grows, you grow with it and you will start to experiment more and thus leading you to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in this topic or have any questions, please leave a comment below.

To your success


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