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Perpetual Income 365 was created to help people who are looking to make an income online.  Shawn Josiah was the founder of this income-generating algorithm and created this special online marketing tool

Perpetual Income365

Financial freedom is something many of us dream about and putting that dream into reality may just be around the corner for you as you read this review.  Achieving your dream and holding down your regular 9-5 job can prove very difficult.  This is why so many people fall into the trap of the get rich quick schemes and they lose most of their money on false promises.

So this system is getting fantastic reviews at the moment from people who have tried it.

Shawn Josiah

Shawn Josiah created the Perpetual Income 365 program with the sole purpose to help people make money online.  It’s targeted at people who hate their job.  They may feel as though they are on a hamster wheel and can’t get off.  In this day and age, recessions come around all too often, so people are worried about what financial future lies ahead.  These are the people that are signing up for the package to give them security for their future.  Much of the work has been done for you by the creator.

So if you can spare one hour or more a day on this training and applying the methods described, you will learn all about the brand new strategies for digital and affiliate marketing.  With that said, you can use Perpetual Income 365 for a second income to start off with.

You will need a pc or laptop ideally, although you can achieve success from your mobile phone or tablet.

Perpetual Income Online

To start with you will need to find some spare time, as commitment and motivation are required.

Shawn gives a promise in his introductory video that people who are new to affiliate marketing, or just starting out online and want to earn a reasonable income can do so, as no technical knowledge is needed.

The step-by-step tuitions

The step-by-step tuitions in the marketing package are simple and very easy to follow the instructions given.  It consists of the following, which if used correctly, could lead you to wealth and happiness according to Shawn.  You can earn as you learn with Perpetual Income 365.

Two squeeze pages that are done for you and you get a choice to pick from.

The websites that you have will be hosted for you.

Thirty-one-day follow-up email series.

In-depth and solo traffic guidance.

Perpetual Income 365

The squeeze pages are in actual fact, websites with their own URL where people can enter their own name and email address to sign up.  By doing this they will enter onto your email campaign list.  Whoever signs up will be directed to the Perpetual Income 365 Revenue Generation page where you will get the opportunity to purchase.  If they invest, you, as the owner of the squeeze pages they originally signed up from, will gain 50% commissions.

The web hosting that’s supplied is needed for your squeeze pages to go live online.

The thirty-one-day email campaign

The thirty-one-day email campaign is a follow-up sequence, in case people don’t purchase straight away.  This gives them an advantage because they will be emailing them constantly for the next month, so they may purchase at a later date.  You will still be credited your commissions as the links in your emails are also connected to you.

Instructional information is available from solo ads, although this is paid traffic.  If this is done right, you can attract the right visitors to your squeeze page.  However, solo ads are so straightforward as there are good and bad ones available.  So be warned.

There are many other ways to get traffic to your squeeze pages, paid and free methods, which I will go into more detail about in another blog post.  The point here is, the squeeze pages are useless unless you drive traffic to them.  Traffic is easiest described as people who are visiting your site.

To sign up for the course

To Sign up for the course you will need to input some brief details.  This will activate your trial period of fourteen days.  So even before you sign up for nine dollars, you will still get to look through what you are getting before parting with your money.

Perpetual Income 365

Good points

The good points about Perpetual Income 365 are that it’s a great level to start as a beginner online trying to earn an income.  You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge.  The structure inside is very simple and easy to follow.  If the correct products are chosen, then this has the potential for you to be successful.

Also, a great benefit is their support system, which is super fast via email.  You get to join their Facebook group, which has a great community inside, so you can share your ideas and pick up some golden nuggets of information.

The Creator gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can cancel and get your money refunded after 60 days if the program does not work for you.  So if you are not entirely satisfied, you don’t have to continue to commit to the program.  Your subscription can be canceled at any time by contacting customer services.

Your full refund will then be issued to you, as long as you did the cancellation in the required time. No questions will be asked about why you decided to cancel your subscription. I think this program differs from many of the others out there on the market today, as it caters very well to newcomers to the online business and affiliate marketing.

Not so good points

It’s only set up with context to Getresponse autoresponder.  The fee is also a little confusing at the start of the program.

Final thoughts

To attempt to start out affiliate marketing without any tools, resources or support, you will be in for a rough ride.  Inside of Perpetual Income 365, you can find many different traffic strategies.  To increase your commission, you will need to drive more traffic to your offer.  If you follow the instructions given to you inside of Perpetual Income 365, you will have a fighting chance of earning recurring income online.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I hope it helps you come to a decision on investing in your financial future.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I will happily reply.

To your success


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