More Keyword Research, Referrer Logs And Submissions

Other Keyword Research Instruments

Choose keywords that are often searched for and in high demand, but that are not being utilized by many other websites or competitors, and hence have less rivalry. There are a variety of keyword research tools available to assist you in finding them.

We have some other equally vital research tools, such as Google AdWords Keyword, and Guidebeam, in addition to Wordtracker.

Google Keyword Tool

Even Google Keyword Tool suggests keywords for your ad campaign and provides Google analytics, such as search performance and seasonal trends. Some of the characteristics of this tool are as follows:

Sorting the results of your selected keyword search by popularity, AdWords system performance history, cost, and forecasted ad position.

You can choose a few keywords here and there or add them all at once, making keyword manipulation simple.


Searches for keywords that are present in any URL that you specify in your search. It can also broaden the scope of your keyword search to include pages connected to or from the initial URL page.

More keyword results are generated using a database of useful information that is updated on a regular basis. This aids in the acquisition of new keywords or phrases. is a fascinating source. When you type in a phrase, it will recommend a slew of related searches. The numbers next to each sentence represent Guidebeam’s assessment of how important that phrase is.

These programs are useful for figuring out how people search the internet and then optimizing your own web pages so that more people see your site.

Referrer Logs and Their Importance

Referrer logging is a technique that allows web servers and websites to track where their visitors come from, either for promotional or security reasons. You may learn the search engine they used to locate your site, as well as whether they came from a ‘linked site.’ It’s basically the prior webpage’s URL from which your link was followed.

Most hosting accounts do not include referrer logs by default, but they can be added for a monthly cost. If your web host does not give a graphic report of your log files, you can still check your website’s referrer logs by logging onto the host server with free or low-cost FTP software such as these:

FTP Explorer:



FTP Voyager:

The log file is stored on your web server and can be downloaded to your PC at a later time. You can produce a graphic report from your log files using a log analysis tool, such as the ones listed below, to make the files easier to interpret.

Abacre Advanced Log Analyzer

Referrer Soft

Log Analyzer

Even if you don’t have the necessary tool, you can browse the files using Word, Word Perfect, txt, or WordPad files. This information is critical to your business and marketing strategies, and it is best not to overlook it.

Referrer logs can inform you what keywords or keyword phrases your visitor used for searching in addition to identifying the search engine or connected site from whence they arrived.

Some browsers allow the user to block the sending of referrer information because it might sometimes infringe privacy. Referrer information can be filtered away by proxy and firewall software to prevent the location of secret websites from being revealed.

Other Issues

Other issues can arise as a result of this since some servers limit access to areas of their site for browsers that do not deliver the correct referrer information in an attempt to prevent deep linking or illicit bandwidth usage. Some proxy software uses the destination site’s top-level address as the referrer, avoiding these issues while still keeping the user’s last visited site private.

However, because the referrer can be easily spoofed or forged, it is only useful in this situation on a sporadic basis.

Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

If you have a web-based business or if a substantial amount of your business is conducted via your website, then the greatest promotion and marketing is done through your website by submitting to a search engine. A press release, a newspaper or radio advertisement, a banner ad, spam email, or a newsletter will not have the same outcomes, while they may be effective in a tiny percentage of cases.

Be wary of organizations who offer to submit your website to hundreds of search engines automatically, as these are merely promises. The easiest strategy to submit your website for search engine ranking and inclusion is to contact the search engine companies and directories manually or hire an expert to do it for you.

Before You begin

Before you begin submitting your website to search engines, make sure it is professionally created with the appropriate keywords, good visuals and photographs, and relevant content. Don’t send in websites that aren’t finished. When submitting to a search engine, make sure to include information about your website, keywords, and any other relevant information, such as your company’s name and contact information.

Simply submitting your website to search engine companies does not guarantee that it will be listed and ranked well. Because there are thousands of new websites launched every day, it may take a long time for them to pick yours up for human evaluation.

Keep In Mind

One thing to keep in mind when submitting your website is to include a site map, which makes crawling easier for web robots. Submissions without sitemaps are rarely considered by search engines like “”

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