17 Ways to Increase Traffic & Sales with An Autoresponder

When most people consider how to increase traffic and sales with their autoresponder, a few viable options spring to mind. There is a slew of methods to use an autoresponder to boost your sales, and you’re about to discover 17 of them. Check it out…

1. After The Sale, Follow Up

If you have a new customer, you should instantly add him or her to your customer mailing list. You can then follow up with a series of emails to promote similar deals.

If you sell a consumer a social media marketing report, for example, you might send them a series of emails meant to sell an in-depth Facebook marketing course.

2. Show People How To Use What They’ve Bought

Sending out a sequence of emails that assist consumers to make the most of the product they just bought from you is another effective method to use your autoresponder.

Let’s say you’re selling a meal-planning and fitness-tracking app to folks who are trying to lose weight. You can next send a series of emails to clients explaining how to use the app’s primary functions, such as

• How to use the app to track calories.

• How to utilize the app to maintain a healthy macronutrient balance.

• How to use the app to figure out how many calories people burn while exercising.

And so forth. Every communication should instruct them on how to use a feature before encouraging them to use it.

This is because individuals are naturally more satisfied with their purchases when they take action and obtain positive outcomes. This has three advantages for you:

• Increases the likelihood that the client will buy something else from you. • Increases the likelihood that the customer will tell his or her friends about your offer.


3. Provide On-Going Freemiums That Lead To Offers

The goal is to keep subscribers opening your emails with eagerness by surprising them with unannounced goodies. They never know when the next freebie may arrive, so you can guarantee they’ll read all of your emails.

Here’s the deal…

You’re not simply handing out freebies to people. Instead, you’re providing high-quality items that lead to compensated opportunities.

Consider the following scenario:

• You could give away a free “lite” version of an app. People will upgrade to the premium version if they like what they see.

• You may give away one video module from a training course for free. Again, if people enjoy it, they will buy it.

Here’s another thought…

4. Increase The Number Of Visitors To Your Blog

Here, you’ll point your subscribers to your most popular archived, evergreen articles.

Why? Because if you can encourage readers to engage with your blog, you can then present them with numerous links and calls to action. This could include

• Links and calls to action are embedded directly in the articles.

• Ads on your sidebar that highlight a certain product.

• At the end of the articles, there are product advertisements. The next thought…

5. Participate In JV Swaps

The goal is to execute ad exchanges with your marketing partners in your respective newsletters. Here are a few suggestions:

• You help each other advertise your respective mailing lists. To put it another way, you urge your subscribers to join your partner’s mailing list.

The next tip for getting the most out of your autoresponder is to…

6. Take A Poll Of Your Audience

You can use your newsletter to poll your subscribers and discover more about their preferences. You can ask them questions to assist you to learn more about their niche, such as

• What are their most pressing niche-related issues?

• Have they attempted any solutions?

• What are the drawbacks of these approaches?

The answers to these questions will enable you to send out content and offers that your email subscribers want, increasing conversions and revenues.

7. Create Bonds With Others

Your conversion rate is likely to stagnate if you simply blast your email list with one cut-and-paste promotion after another. This is due to the fact that your subscribers don’t know, like, or trust you – all of which are necessary for sales.

Give your readers the opportunity to learn more about you. • Telling personal tales is one way to do this. It’s preferable if these are niche-relevant stories, but you can also include notes about what’s going on in your life, such as vacations or births.

• Providing examples of what happened when you employed a specific product or method. Make sure to include a lot of statistics, but also include the personal aspect of the narrative, such as how you felt, as this is both inspiring and motivating.

• Provide real-time access. This means that you should ask for input and then respond to it when it comes in. You can also direct viewers to a blog or social media platform where they can connect with each other.

The next thought…

8. Educate And Inspire Affiliates

This is a fantastic method to leverage your autoresponder, but many affiliate marketers neglect it. Consider the following suggestions for what to send in your autoresponder series:

• Send a series of training emails to your affiliates, detailing exactly how to profit from your affiliate program.

• Motivate inactive or inexperienced affiliates by showcasing other successful affiliates.

• Send out additional motivational materials to entice inactive affiliates to promote your products.

Next on the agenda…

9. Send Out Themed Emails

This is a great method to get people to open your emails and to develop relationships with your subscribers. The aim is to send out weekly themed emails that your subscribers will look forward to receiving. Consider the following scenario:

• This Week’s Question

• How I (for example, “How I Quit My Job and Launched a Six-Figure Business”).

• Resource of the Week • Case Study of the Week Now for something very different…

10. Increase Sales Through Segmentation

The goal is to construct a highly targeted lead magnet in order to segment your list. You can tag everyone who downloads a specific product if your autoresponder provides a tagging option. If your autoresponder doesn’t have this feature, you can redirect your subscribers to a high-interest list.

Consider the following scenario: you have a bodybuilder list. You may make a lead magnet for the people on your mailing list who compete in bodybuilding competitions. You can then send this part of your list highly targeted content and offers.

Here’s another thought…

11. Use It To Sign Up For Webinars

Do you ever participate in webinars? If that’s the case, you can utilize your autoresponder to register for webinars. The advantage is that you may then contact your registrants to remind them of the webinar’s start time and how to log in.

• A day or two before the webinar, send an offer, preferably one that is a good prerequisite for the webinar. If the webinar is on Facebook marketing, for example, you may advertise a Facebook report with the essentials to get people ready.

• After the webinar, follow up to promote the item you highlighted during the webinar.


12. Develop A Multi-Part Series Centred On A Single Main Offer

People rarely purchase an offer when they first hear about it. That’s why you should send out three to seven emails for each product you advertise. Each series will be made up of similar items that all promote the same product. Consider the following scenario:

• The Five Ways to Retire with a Million Dollars in the Bank • The Three Secrets to Rapid Weight Loss • The Four Steps to Starting a Successful Blog

Here’s another great suggestion…

13. Send Follow-Up Emails To Specific List Segments

Many major autoresponder providers allow you to segment subscribers based on whether or not they’ve taken a specific action, such as clicked on a link or opened an email. This handy tool can be used to deliver ultra-targeted follow-ups. • Send a follow-up email with a catchy subject line to individuals who didn’t open your previous email.

• To individuals who opened the email but did not purchase the product, send an objection-handling email.


14. Make An FTM Website

A fixed-term membership site, which is a membership site that runs on autopilot for a set period of time, does not require a sophisticated script (such as three months, six months, etc.). All you need is an autoresponder to get started. You can begin taking orders after uploading the first month’s materials.

Consider the following scenario:

• Create a 12-month website for bodybuilding competition winners.

• Create a four-month website where people may learn how to grow prize-winning veggies.

• Create a six-month website that teaches individuals how to start a business.

Next up…

15. Send Occasional Special Emails

Here’s a list of basic emails you may send out on a regular basis to increase traffic and sales:

• Once a month or so, send out solo advertising to promote a specific product.

• Conduct a consumer survey to obtain feedback on how to enhance your products and newsletter.

• Request beta testing of new goods from customers. (This enlists their participation and fosters loyalty.)

• Invite subscribers to connect with you on social media and other venues.

16. Participate In Testing And Monitoring

The goal is to track and test campaigns using your autoresponder before launching them on a larger scale

.• Putting the goods to the test to see if it will pique people’s interest.

• Putting the product’s name to the test.

• Putting the product proposition to the test.

• Checking the email itself to see if it receives a response (here you pay particular attention to testing the subject line, opener, benefits, call to action, P.S., design of the email, and when you send the email).

After you’ve established a good conversion rate, you can scale up your campaign.

TIP: You may set up a split test to send to a subset of your list, and then the autoresponder will send the winning email to the remainder of your list automatically.

There’s one more…

17. Refresh A Cold List

Have you ever allowed a list to get stagnant due to a lack of engagement on your part? Have you ever noticed that even with active lists, some sections of the list go cold? This indicates that your subscribers aren’t following your links. They might not be opening your emails in some circumstances.

So here’s what you do: send a unique autoresponder sequence to your “cold” subscribers.

• A unique, high-demand, high-value freemium that you advertise right in the subject line.

To entice individuals back into the fold, big discounts on popular products are being offered.
Emails with the subject line “Last Chance” help create a sense of urgency about opening your emails, downloading freemiums, and taking advantage of promotions.


So, here’s the question of the day: which of the above 17 autoresponder uses are you overlooking? The good news is that now that you have this knowledge, you can swiftly put any method you haven’t used before into action. And that means more visitors, sales, and money for you!

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