A Simple Way For Making $1000’s Using Sales Videos

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A powerful headline – pique people’s interest

Staying motivated – Gives people a reason to stick around until the very end.

Remove their skepticism – Say exactly what they’re thinking

Make contact with your leads – Empathize with the person you’re selling to.

Demonstrate a high level of value and authority – Give an example of how they are getting a good bargain.

Teaser price – You mention the price but don’t say how much it costs.

Advantages and features – What will they learn and receive Price reduction – This is a very effective price reduction approach.

Price is exposed – a purchase button appears Scarcity – make it a limited-time offer

Assurance – They are not at risk.

Create a sense of scarcity to encourage people to act now.

Close – Tell them to buy now while the price is still cheap.

Compelling Headline

The first thing you need for your video is a compelling headline that entices viewers to watch the rest of it and stay longer.

This is critical because you must elicit attention and pique curiosity from the beginning and tap into the thinking of your potential consumer; otherwise, most people will leave quickly and your conversions will suffer.

So…. It all starts with your video’s headline. For my sales video, I utilize the following headline:

“Who else wants to build their own very profitable list-building machine that sends you a steady stream of $7-$47 payments on autopilot?”

How to Have More Visitors to Your Website

Because the visitors to this sales video are all interested in list development when they read this major headline, they are immediately intrigued, and many of them stay to learn more.

If you were making sales video for a product that helped people lose belly fat, it may look like this:

“Who else wants to lose belly fat, gain muscle, and sculpt their dream body in only 30 minutes a day?”

My Sales Video’s Script Is As Follows

Hello, Paul here, and I’m really excited because I have a very unique announcement for you today. Keep your eyes glued to this video because I’m about to reveal with you how a very small number of individuals will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at my exact incredibly profitable list-building strategy.

With your permission, I’d like to allow you to peer over my shoulder while I demonstrate the inner workings of my comprehensive list-building technique and how I create a steady stream of $7-$47 payments on 99 percent autopilot.

And no, this isn’t some gimmicky secret program with a bunch of pushbuttons; this is a system that only a few individuals seem to know about.

Now, I get that being able to generate hoards of $7 – $47 payments on 99 percent autopilot may sound like a load of BS, and I would be doubtful if I didn’t know the specifics of this technique, but you’ll be pleasantly delighted when you hear the details in just a moment at how simple it may be to construct your own extremely successful list-building engine and start making cash in as little as 12 hours.

Nothing is more profitable than owning your own list, as you are surely aware. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals never get around to making a list because they believe it is too complicated or complex.

And they’re generally correct.

Most People

Many people spend weeks, months, and even years trying to establish a successful list; in fact, this is exactly what I went through when I first started trying to build my own profitable list.

Months of late nights, copious amounts of coffee, and me scratching my brains for a way to develop a list and make money.

And yes, I did end up constructing a list, but it was “quite embarrassing” to say the least, given the number of hours I was putting in and the number of earnings and money I was generating.

It became evident to me that my internet lifestyle goals would remain a faraway fantasy unless I figured out how to create a list and make decent money much faster.

Fast forward A Year

Fast forward a year, and I’ve discovered a simple formula for quickly generating a very profitable list-building formula.

I’ve been able to set up list-building systems that earn $7 – $47 payments on demand while working on 99 percent autopilot since discovering this basic list-building method.

I thought list building was supposed to be difficult, but little did I know that the most successful online marketers have a few secrets up their sleeves for building highly profitable lists in record time, and I’ve discovered seven of them, seven very powerful and profitable tactics that will allow you to create an incredibly highly profitable list building system in record time and start making money.

There Are A Few Other Factors To Keep In Mind

  • 1. It’s critical to have a lot of your text on the video so that people can read it while you’re speaking in the background. This is a form of PowerPoint presentation, to be sure. This has been shown to boost the number of times consumers spend watching your video, resulting in more revenue.
  • 2. It’s critical to create your own video player and host it on your own server. Making an excellent video and then publishing it on a free site like YouTube or Vimeo is the worst thing you can do. These free video sites are completely out of your control, and your sales video could be taken down at any time. I use Amazon S3 to store my data.
  • 3. Make your video autoplay (if you can get past Chrome’s strange ways…) This is also something you must accomplish because it will have an impact on your conversions. When someone visits your video sales page, the video should start playing immediately with audio.
  • This way, it automatically engages your visitor, which means that more of them will watch the entire video and, as a result, you will earn more money. When developing your own personalized video player, you can easily accomplish this.
  • 4. Make use of a buy button that is delayed. Many individuals are unaware of the effectiveness of this method. Most people only want to check the pricing and then decide whether or not they want the goods, however, allowing consumers to make a decision before seeing your complete video presentation can drastically limit your conversions.
  • The more of your presentation someone watches, the more likely that person will buy. If you wait until the very end of your film to tell them the price, they will have already made up their minds. Because they’ve seen the benefits, features, and other aspects of your goods, you’ll have a far better chance of making a sale.
  • You may normally set your buy button to be delayed within your website setup. I use Optimize Press 2.0, and I can customize the buy button to show at a specific moment on my sales video page.
  • It makes little difference whether the tool you choose; this can be set up in almost any tool, including optimize press. After you’ve finished your sales video, check to see when you actually tell them the price and what time it is on your sales video. You then select that number as the time when the buy button should appear in your settings. It’s extremely easy to do.
  • You essentially want the buy button to appear when you ultimately offer them the opportunity to purchase your product, which you will know because you will be following the sales video script I provided above.
  • 5. Turn off all but the play and pause buttons on your video. Do not, under any circumstances, enable people to fast-forward your video. This is a colossal blunder. When it comes to developing sales videos, this is one of the most common blunders people do.
  • Allowing customers to fast-forward your sales video means you’ve simply squandered all of your work developing it. Your sales video will only be effective and strong if people watch the entire presentation; if you allow them to skip the video whenever they choose, your conversions will suffer significantly.
  • Some may argue that some visitors will want to skip to the finish so they can buy right away. I never worry about this since if someone is desperate enough for your goods, they will simply wait until the presentation is through.

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