A Quick Reference Guide to Marketing to Prospects

Information Super Highway

The “Information Super Highway” is how the Internet is referred to. Digital informational items are the on-ramps for aspiring Internet businesses if the Internet is a superhighway. Unfortunately, they can also be off-ramps.

Good Product

A good product can put you in the fast lane, but a bad product can cause the wheels to fall off and you’ll be on your way to the next exit.

E-books, audio and video, or any combination of these modalities can be used to create digital informational goods.

Instructional Digital Product

Any kind of instructional digital product takes a long time and a lot of effort to create.

Thousands of E-Books and other informational products are developed every day, sales letters are written, products are submitted to specialists for assessment, and E-zine publishers are swamped with requests for product publishing. To put it another way, the competition is fierce…and that is an understatement.

Informational Product’s

An informational product’s theme must first and foremost appeal to a broad audience.

No matter how effectively marketed, a product that covers a subject that would only be of interest to three persons on the earth (two of whom live on a mountain top in Peru) isn’t going to perform well.

Oh, and it has to have a fantastic title!


Second, the product must be of the highest possible quality. In an instructional product, there can’t be any bumps or potholes. All of the included links must function properly. The video must be crisp and the audio must play.

Of course, every word must be spelled correctly and utilized correctly…spelling and grammar are important!

It won’t fly no matter how good the information in a product is if the links don’t work, the audio or video isn’t working, or the product is full of misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Ready To Be Marketed

The product is ready to be marketed once all of the above conditions have been met.

An informational product can be offered to the buying public in a variety of ways.

It can be promoted as a stand-alone product depending on the content and the expected available pool of potential clients.

If the informational product is to be sold as a stand-alone item, it should most likely include a variety of media formats, such as text, HTML, graphics, animation, and/or video.


The media is inserted using a compiler, and the E-Book is created as a ‘pdf’ or ‘exe’ file.

It may be downloaded from any website with ease. As a distributor of the product, affiliates can inject their links and URL into the compiler.

Of course, the developer of the informational product retains complete control over what data can be updated or added to the work.

The marketing technique is slightly different if the educational product is to be used as a marketing tool to promote a website or other items rather than as a stand-alone product.

The informational product is given away for free in this situation in order to promote a larger business.

It’s Critical

When an E-Book is utilized in this way, it’s critical that the resource box includes copyright information, links to the larger company, and contact information.

They can be sent to E-zine publishers for free use in their publications, and they can be included in directories for other website owners to use, as long as all of the creator’s information and all of the product’s links are intact.

Informational product marketing might be difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Marketing is much easier if the product is truly exceptional and has broad appeal.

School of Thought:

Buy the most expensive ticket you can.

It takes time to create an informational product (such as an E-Book, audio, or video). Of course, some items take longer to develop than others, but it takes the same amount of time, effort, and energy to advertise a $10 informational product as it does to market a $100 one.


So, to express the obvious, your informational product should be priced as high as feasible.

If you price it higher, you may not sell as many units, but you will make the same amount of money. It’s essentially just mathematics. If you sell 100 items for $10 each, you will make $1000. You still make $1000 if you sell 10 units at $100 each.

People mistakenly believe that an item’s price reflects its value or relevance. People will see an informational product as having little value if it is priced too low.

If the same product is overpriced, people may want it but not be able to purchase it.

It’s tough to determine the exact proper price for every product, but the general rule is to price it as high as you can.

The product’s details will, of course, aid in determining the price that should be charged for it.

Spend Top Cash

People are known to spend top cash on educational products that will improve their appearance, feel better, make them more money, have them have more fun, teach them how to accomplish something vital to them, or address a pressing problem.

They will pay more for information that they cannot get elsewhere than for information that is freely available on the internet and can be gotten with minimal effort.

The mainline is that you should charge as much as possible for your informational offering.

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