10 Ingenious Ways to Increase Traffic

1 .Everyone wants people to visit their website

It is not always easy to increase the number of visitors to your website. There are methods for generating the desired traffic. It is necessary to be creative and innovative at times, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Make use of Flickr. People are drawn to your website by social photo sharing. Add appropriate tags to the photos so that they are appealing to the site’s visitors. Create a blog post and include a link to the Flickr site. The two sites will work together to drive traffic to your website.

2. Sign up for a social bookmarking site

Share your favourite websites with others who share your interests. Include your website’s URL. For many people, social media sites function as a type of search engine. To increase your internet traffic, add the bookmarks to your blog. Include interesting links to relevant products that users are looking for. The more interesting links you save, the larger your audience will grow.

4. Promote your site with a live link in your forum signature

Use informative topics and link them back to your sites. The more information you give your readers, the more they will rely on you for new information. They will return to read what you have posted on multiple occasions.

5. Customize your site with widgets, themes, and extensions

There are numerous free additions that will improve your site. Instead of the typical boring website, make yours interesting. Make your website exciting and user-friendly. Users want to see and experience new things, so give them what they want with your website.

6. Let your friends know about your company

Let your friends know about your company and ask them to help spread the word about your website. They can increase your website traffic by using their personal blogs, websites, and contacts.

7. Add links

Add links and networks to industry-specific websites by contacting the websites. Many people are eager to help you increase the number of visitors to your website.

8. Increase your exposure

Increase your exposure by including podcasts on your website. Include interesting and intriguing audio and video.

9. Submit Your Feed

Submit your feed to blog directory websites. The feed will direct visitors from another site to yours.

Finally, but not least:

10. Submit articles

Submit articles to article directories, using the resource box, to drive traffic to your site and establish strong backlinks for Search Engines.

When you do traffic building, it is not so much about the traffic as it is about providing what the readers want. When you reach out to them with information and products, you are fulfilling an important purpose.

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