10 Free Traffic Methods That Still Work Today

If you have a website, you need visitors, and attracting those visitors isn’t always simple. There are a variety of ways to attract traffic to your website, and being a little creative with your traffic production can be beneficial at times. Let’s take a look at some fantastic traffic-building strategies.

Social Photo-Sharing Sites

  • Using social photo-sharing sites to increase traffic to your website is a terrific idea. Flickr is the most popular photo-sharing website. The goal is for your website and Flickr to work together to drive visitors to your site. You can include a link to the Flickr website with every new post you make on your blog. When you upload photos to Flickr, you can use good tags to entice others to use them. Your site will drive traffic to you by collaborating with Flickr.

Social Bookmarking Networks

  • Another effective way to increase traffic is to use social bookmarking networks. On social bookmarking services, you can make friends with others who have similar interests to your website’s theme. Include a link to your website in your profile information and share it. There are a number of different social bookmarking sites, and they all work in different ways, so it’s best to use a couple of them. As long as you don’t spam these sites, promoting your site on social bookmarking sites might help you gain a lot of traffic.

Blogging Commenting

  • Blogging commenting is the third way for increasing visitors. Find blogs that are similar to yours and post comments on them. When commenting on a blog, make sure your comments are relevant to the post’s content and informative. If you don’t leave meaningful comments, your comment may be considered spam and will be removed. People who read your comment may click on your link and visit your website if it is informative.

Forum Marketing

  • The second strategy we’ll use to drive traffic is forum marketing. Join forums in your niche and contribute to them with relevant forum posts. Have a link to your website in your signature so that every time you post on the forum, a hyperlink to your website is created. If you spam forums, your account will be deleted and your time will be wasted. Other forum users are more likely to click on the link in your signature and visit your website if you make helpful contributions.

Add Widgets

  • Add widgets and extensions to your site, such as a good theme. You can use a variety of add-ons to improve your site and make it more engaging. If your site is intriguing to your visitors, they are more likely to return. You will lose a lot of visitors if your site is uninteresting and lacks useful content.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

  • Use word-of-mouth marketing by informing your friends about your website and encouraging them to share it. You can also ask your friends to put a link to your site on their websites if they have one, and you can improve your own website traffic by utilizing their visitors and contacts.

Make Contact

  • Make contact with other websites and request that they include a link to your site on theirs. You have two options: pay for a link on their site or provide a link swap.

Article Marketing

  • Use article marketing to get backlinks to your website; if you produce fascinating and useful content, your readers will click on your link and visit your site.


  • To increase your exposure, add some podcasts to your website. People enjoy video and audio, so including some of these on your website will increase its appeal and attract more visitors.

Blog Site Directories

  • Submit your blog feed to blog site directories to help drive traffic to your site from other websites.

A website’s success depends on its ability to attract visitors, but traffic generation isn’t just about attracting visitors; it’s also about offering them what they want when they arrive at your site. Visitors are more likely to return to your website if you provide high-quality material.

3 Effective Offline Methods for Increasing Site Visitors

You may have been aware of the importance of including your signature link on your business card, and while this may have helped improve site traffic, there are three more offline tactics you may not have considered.

Using a Local Marketing and Public Relations Firm

Many are managed by talented single agents, and while the best won’t dance for a dime, their services may not be as far out of reach (or as expensive) as you believe.

A local marketing consultant has her finger on the pulse of all the commotion. Even before you’ve taken off your coat and ordered your coffee, she knows every resource and is probably thinking of ways to promote you.

A basic business rule is to focus your energy on your money-making abilities. So you can concentrate on those areas while your Marketing PR consultant does what she does best: market you and bring traffic to your websites.

Consider Local Television

We’ve all grown accustomed to thinking of television and glossy magazine advertising as something only the Major Leagues can afford, and in most cases, this is correct.

But did you know that airing a commercial on your local television station might be very inexpensive? You’d be shocked how far that goes, even simply in your own hometown, in addition to increasing your awareness as a “star.”

One advantage: If local newspaper editors know you’ve been on TV (and believe me, they do!) they’re considerably more likely to print your press releases.

And now, according to a press release, Google will operate as an ad broker between local television and NBC. Google advertisers will be allowed to buy advertising on six NBC-owned cable networks, including Oxygen, MSNBC, Sci-Fi, and CNBC, under the conditions of the agreement. (This is the first time Google has ever brokered advertisements through a television network!)

Give Your Community College A Weekend Workshop

Offering a session to your Community College may not sound as exciting as your own local TV ad, or as time-saving as just hiring a Marketing Consultant or local PR firm, but it is a long-term status and traffic-building approach that every internet business owner should utilize!

Prepare a great proposal, determine who to contact, and deliver your pitch. (After all, you do it every day on the internet, right?)

Yes, I guarantee you’ll put in the effort, and you might not receive any instant clients from your actual class. But I bet you’ll learn far more than you teach, and it’ll inspire you to come up with fantastic market ideas (if your workshop topic was genuinely relevant!)

Also, sending press releases to offline sources such as local newspapers and trade publications, as well as online paid and free PR firms, is a terrific way to enhance website traffic (like PRWeb).

The thing about doing a little work is that the more you do it and the more enthusiastically you do it, the more rewards you’ll realize. So keep a positive attitude, be proactive, and take advantage of every online and offline chance to build your credibility and business reputation.

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